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Club Cards:  for Coffee, Drinks, Sandwiches or Whatever. 

Coffee Club

Ask your customers to join the club.  Take name, address, telephone, e-mail information on three by five cards or your best database.  Mail them regularly.  And, use it like a bridal registry.  Record what they purchase and use it for marketing or for gifts.  Tell your customers you have the information and they will tell their family to get their next  gift for them at the store.  It really works if you use the time that you have when serving whole bean coffee, or grinding coffee orders to explain it.

Christmas in September?

Put you Christmas items out as early as possible. Even in September. 

Speak to Groups

Groups are always looking for new ideas.  Become a new idea.  We have a slide presentation in power point that we will gladly lend.  The story of coffee is entertainment and you can make drinks and samples as you do it.  Not as hard as you think and take a friend to assist. 

Do Home Parties

The challenge of the retailer is to figure out how to sell a pound to the person in the red house on the corner.  Home parties, as a method to get your name out is a good marketing method.  Don’t charge and don’t expect great sales on that night.  But these people will come back to your store and will stay with you for ages.  Try it.  Do one per month.  Make espresso’s, latte’s and more (you may want to purchase a light Krups or comparable espresso brewer for this purpose).

Get Online

Open a web site.  It is not as hard or complex or expensive as it is made out to be. If you need help, KMO recommends you call or email Ric at Steamin' Cup Graphics and Design 609.208.0746; ric@steamincup.com.


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