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Show and Tell

It Really is Easy


  • Globe
  • Brewers
  • Beans
  • Cups
  • Apron
  • Smile
  • Coffee knowledge

Talk It Up

  • Brewers: Toddy, Ibrik, single cup, Chemex Drip, Espresso Stovetop - explain them all.
  • Origins - where do they come from?  Between the twenties.
  • Coffee life cycle: farms, cherry, picking, picking seasons, ripe vs. green cheery, commercial grade vs. specialty, washing, washed vs. dry methods, sweet vs. acidic, acid is good, why?, shipping, green selection, blending, roasting to color, different colors, grinding - different grinds for different folks
  • Cups - ceramic, plastic, Styrofoam

See?  Lots to talk about. Get the David's Book, read and take notes.

Be A Showman

Wear an apron and look like a chef - the pro that you are.

Sip and spit in public for effect.  Bring a spittoon.

If you want a prototype, go to www.scaa.org and buy some video tapes and copy the set and type up the dialogue and get to it.

Practice, practice, practice.

If you get stage fright, bring a friend.  Barbara Streisand can't go on stage alone.  Bring a person you can talk with comfortably on stage (which isn't a stage in your store or your friends kitchen - for house parties - so it is easier).

Tasting In Public

Once you have it down in the store, bring the show on the road.  Go to senior complexes, hospitals, veterans homes, churches on Sunday morning, and bring the press or your trusty digital camera.  People need new material.

Find an Audience

Do Rotary.  Kiwanis.  Zonta.  and Chamber (of Commerce) Breakfasts.


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