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Tasting and Cupping

Ladies Clubs love doing new things. They will come to your store with their own sweets.  We did this in a mall with just 10 or 12 chairs and small tables. It was a great success and became a regular event.

Hold cuppings and tastings in homes, the store, or community venues.  Things are easier in the store, but sometimes Mohamed has to go to the mountain. These events are not painful. You can get tapes from the SCAA.org site - Taste and Cup yourself.

Here’s How

  • Start with very dark roasts (French Roast), medium roasts (Navigator Blend), and light roasts (Breakfast Blend) – discuss the differences.
  • Then bring on a full body and low acid coffee (Sumatran), full body and high acid coffee – sharp notes (Kenyan), and good balance (Colombian) – discuss the difference.
  • Finish with a couple of flavored coffees.
  • Make sure to get the names, email, and addresses of everyone and put them in the Club.


  • Acidity
    A basic taste characterised by the solution of an organic acid. A desirable sharp and pleasing taste particularly strong with certain origins as opposed to an over-fermented sour taste.
  • Bitterness
    A primary taste characterised by the solution of caffeine, quinine and certain other alkaloids. This taste is considered desirable up to a certain level and is affected by the degree of roast brewing procedures.
  • Sweetness
    This is a basic taste descriptor characterised by solutions of sucrose or fructose which are commonly associated with sweet aroma descriptors such as fruity, chocolate and caramel. It is generally used for describing coffees which are free from off-flavours.
  • Saltiness
    A primary taste characterised by a solution of sodium chloride or other salts.
  • Sourness
    This basic taste descriptor refers to an excessively sharp, biting and unpleasant flavour (such as vinegar or acetic acid). It is sometimes associated with the aroma of fermented coffee. Tasters should be cautious not to confuse this term with acidity which is generally considered a pleasant and desirable taste in coffee.
  • Body
    This attribute descriptor is used to describe the physical properties of the beverage. A strong but pleasant full mouthfeel characteristic as opposed to being thin. A heavy body is comparable to whole milk while a light body can be comparable to skim milk.
  • Astringency
    The astringent attribute is characteristic of an after-taste sensation consistent with a dry feeling in the mouth, undesirable in coffee.


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