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Christmas Store

Ho Ho Ho, Make Yours a Merry Christmas

Deck the Malls

Go to the local mall and rent a temporary space for the Christmas season – right now! You will make a ton of money to support the rest of your operation.

A kiosk, one of those units blocking the aisles in all the malls, can be a terrific source of new profits. Or, if the space is empty, grab an inline store. Yes the rent is high, but so are the sales.

Our Experience

When we first started out as CoffeeTime back in the 90’s, we rented a temporary space for $6500 for six weeks. Those six weeks produced $55,000 in sales. That was enough to convince us that the mall was a good spot, so we stayed.

During that season we ran out of gift items 7 days before Christmas.  That's right, a terrible tactical error that just so happened to lead to our success today. In desperation, we ran down to the local pharmacy and purchased mugs, stuffed them with fractional coffee packs, and stuck on some bows. These little gifts flew off the shelves.

Had we been better prepared for Holiday rush at the mall, I am sure sales would have been $75,000 or greater.

Location, Location, Location

Pick a good mall, and don't take a site at the end of a corridor – get as close to center court as possible. In line stores at the end of corridors do not do nearly as well as center court kiosks.

Come Prepared

Make sure you have plenty of coffee, scales, grinders, bags, display jars, prepackaged coffee, baskets, temporary water supplies, baskets, and more baskets.

  • Mugs can sell for $9.99 with a 2 oz. pack of coffee, chocolate spoon and biscotti
  • Large latte mugs can sell for $14.99 - $19.99 with an 8 oz. package of coffee and candy
  • Small baskets can go for $29.99

In our second year in the mall we sold 1,000 baskets in three weeks.  We were very tired and had to hire a person just to make baskets – one or two pounds of coffee and candy, ribbons and bows, and off you go.

Just Do It

Don't worry about the store that is there already.  If the mall will rent you space there is a good chance it will work out.

If you have your sights on a place and want to talk to someone with experience, call Robert at 800 652 5282.



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