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The More You Give, the More You Get

This is true and you better believe it is true!

  • Give a free whiff by keeping an open container of Pumpkin Spice coffee by your register.
  • Buy 1 ounce portion cups and give away cold drinks in the summer.
  • Buy more 1 ounce portion cups and sample your hot coffee.
  • Buy even more 1 ounce sample cups and sample Chocolate Coffee Cooler - if you don't know what this see Recipes for Success

How to sample

  • Smile
  • Extend the item
  • Say, "Try this." or,in Soho, "Hey man you gotta' try this baby."
  • Don't say, "Would you like to try?"
  • Try this, one day use "Try this" and another day use "Would you like to try?"  If you don't find the 80/20 rule rules, I will eat my hat and take your sample. "Try this" gets 80% acceptance - the other way gets 20% acceptance.

Do not be afraid to sample. 

Deal with the rejection with a big smile and a nod.

Show your stuff.  Show your beans.  Show the lower quality Beans.  Us a French Press.



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