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The Best (and Least Expensive) Marketing and Sales Tool You Can Own

Get a Good Computer

If you spend $150,000 or more for your Cafe, why not spend $1,500 for a machine that will help you launch email-based marketing campaigns, track customer’s habits and sales, and allow you to create inexpensive marketing materials?

  • Don’t be scared of databases or spreadsheets - they are just lists in columns.  They give you the ability to run your Coffee Club very efficiently.
  • Mailing lists can be purchased or compiled by you. Get the name and email address of everyone! Yes, be a bit intrusive, but remember always that this is your business - it is your money.
  • Become your own designer and printer – it’s not as difficult as you think. Programs like Microsoft Publisher have loads of pre-built templates that will help you spread your message with postcards, brochures and flyers.  Put flyers in bags and distribute them around the neighborhood.
  • Don’t start with the accounting system, Start with marketing! Get a domain name and web site, and get Internet access in your store. Start an e-mail campaign sending out weekly/monthly news and specials. There are several inexpensive services that allow you to manage your mailing list and campaign. Most importantly, using these services keep you off spam lists.
  • Record every name and address you can. Ask for business cards and enter it.
    Your computer also allows you to business during off hours. Less time on the phone, more time focusing on your business.
  • Finally, do the accounting and business plan thing. Use templates and keep it simple.



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