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Feature a Coffee of the Month

Use your roasters special of the month as your coffee of the month.

Educate your customers with unique origins (Yemen, Ethiopian, Malawi, or an Estate Coffee). You are the expert. Create a flyer on your trusty Computer describing the coffee and its characteristics.

Coffee of the Month is Great, but Let’s Not Forget..

  • Employee’s Favorite Coffee of the Week
    This let’s your staff get involved with the process
  • A Customer’s Favorite Coffee
    Iif one of your customers is having a birthday or is having family or friends come in to town, you can arrange to have the Pete Smith Blend of the Day on your board or For Pete’s Sake Blend ready to surprise him with.
  • Holiday Coffees, seasonal coffees, everyday that HallMark creates a card for can be used to create a coffee occasion.

Make a Plan...

…and stick to it. Create a document in your favorite word processor or spreadsheet that lists your specials. Use the web to research your selections and create a neat flyer (1/3 of a 8.5 x 11 sheet) and hand them out.


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