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House Parties

Long Term Gain

In 1990 Cathy and Bob Johnson began holding house parties for retail customers who wished to have a few guests over for a fun evening.  To date, Dr. Doug Hammer still has his office coffee supplied by Kaffe Magnum Opus. This relationship grew out of the first House Party.

The results from this one party:

  • $120 per month in whole bean coffee sales to an office for over 18 years!
  • Holiday baskets – 20 per year for the Doctors associates and referring physicians.
  • Coffee and basket sales from recipients of the Doctor’s gift baskets – make sure the tag includes your store name, web site and phone number.

Pretty good, huh?

Easy and Portable

House parties are easy to do, and the equipment will fit in a trunk or your van. Make sure you get an easy to use, light espresso machine like the Krups Commercial machines, which run $200 and up.  They make only passable espresso, but they are the key to a good kitchen presentation.

House parties will:

  • Create Business on the spot (but don't expect huge on the spot sales in the home)
  • Lead to all sorts of sales down the road. 
  • Allow you to build or expand your network – connect with high income, well educated people.  Have fun.
  • Drive People to your store.
  • Provide a forum to show that you know your coffee.
  • Create Good Press and PR for your store.


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