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Postcards: Cheap and Easy

Use the Internet to find loads of high-quality, low cost postcard printers - you can get 1,000 cards for less than $100.

Follow These Guidelines

  • Send out as many as you can afford.
  • Use them as reminders

    Come in for a Free Cup.

    Remember Mom.

    Remember Me.

    Join the Club, Get a Free Pound.

  • I am not much on newsletters unless your customer asks for it.  Just think about all the mail you get and toss.
  • You've got 5 seconds to capture someone's attention, so be short and brief - that means just a few words. 
  • Frequency counts. Go guerilla
  • Guerilla marketing  Guru - whose name I forget, but I think the web site is www.gmarketing.com says it takes 16 repetitions to make the point.
  • Send a lot of postcards.



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